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USB Powered Vacuum For Model Trains

| March 22, 2020 More

USB Powered Vacuum For Model Trains

On one of my late night shopping trips on AliExpress (or it might have been eBay, I do these shopping “trips” way too much!) I picked up an $8.00 USB powered vacuum. I thought it might be a useful little gadget when building my small scenes and layouts. I’ve had it in its box for about a year or so and thought it would make for fun video.

Not overly powerful but I’d say it’s a good deal more powerful than the dedicated vacuum, or track cleaning cars in HO or N scale. Sadly they don’t yet make vacuum cars in Z scale. I can see this vacuum being useful when you want to remove loose debris buildup from the track but don’t want to use a dry brush (that just pushes the debris down the track) or a small shop vac, as they can do damage to your scenery by sucking up too much stuff!

I also picked up a small USB battery bank designed for charging phones on the go, this cost $13.99 (with coupon) over at Amazon. So for around $22.00, I have a little portable manual track cleaning system, plus I have a battery bank for the phone too!

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