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Secret Glove Color Test

| May 19, 2024 More

Raildig Glove Color TestJust a bit of a lark here, seeing what color gloves I’d like to use in future videos. I have one more color on the way… gray. Can’t believe I forgot to order those at the same time as these. Just taking a break from shooting a real video and thought this would be fun plus I love upright bass!

I want to sort of standardize the look of of our YouTube videos and also, many times when doing a video that involves gypsum or resin, glues and razors it’s easy for the hands to look like parrot claws onscreen! No one wants to see that blown up onscreen in 4K, or even 1080p, it’s awful with a few nicks and cuts… LOL.

Weird how I got a little vain over this but there were are, what the heck, maybe I’m thinking about being a hand model in the future :)

It’s tough doing Top Secret stuff!

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