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5-Minute Epoxy Rant

| May 30, 2024 More

5-Minute Epoxy RantWe use 5-minute epoxy here at Raildig all the time, everything from building with XPS foam to repairs where a CA glue may not be quite enough. Instead of using the common syringe style dispensers I prefer the 4 oz bottles sold in a pair where you get one bottle of resin and one of hardener.

I recently went through 4 separate purchases of epoxy, 2 from Loctite and 2 from Devcon. Out of the 4 tries, only one package was usable and even then, one of the seals on a bottle arrived broken. I was able to return the defective packs but it was quite the waste of time, frustrating too!

The makers and bottlers of honey, hot sauce, oil oil, salad dressing, etc., etc., all seem to be able to master the art of sealing their bottles properly. Why does it seem so tough for epoxy makers to do the same?

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