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John CubbinI find model trains are an ideal medium for designing and building as they can provide a wonderful historical counterpoint for miniature scenery. The early steam era right up to modern diesels, the age of the railroad is one of my favorites. Well-developed, accurate scenery in tandem with the dynamic movement of the trains is really a perfect pairing.

I began writing, freelance graphics and web work for Ztrack Magazine, American Z Line and others as well as designing logos, ads and special run cars by Marklin and Micro-Trains. During this time, I started building custom Z scale pieces for clients… from simple structures to dioramas and full desktop layouts. In a time when so many possessions we have are disposable or have a planned obsolescence there is something very special about building a miniature scene that will last for years.

My focus was originally in Z scale model railroading and now I’ve decided to add to Z scale by jumping in to the larger models of N scale, HO scale and maybe even larger if the spirit moves me. There are so many wonderful choices in the world of model railroading; it’s hard to say no to any of them.

John Cubbin

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