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Raildig Scratchbuilder’s Calculator

| July 22, 2020 More

Here’s a tool that can help you establish and maintain scale accuracy when scratchbuilding your next scale building, piece of rolling stock or pine tree. To show you how this calculator works, let’s say you wanted to know how large a 75′ prototypical tree would be in HO scale.

Step 1:
At the top of the calculator, in the “From” column, click on the 1:1 (or “Actual”) button. In the next column over to the right, the “To” column, click on the 1:87 (or HO) button.

Step 2:
In the “Input Measurements” area, enter 75 in the “feet” box.

Step 3:
In the “Result Options” area, click on the button next to the “Results in U.S”. option, then just click on the “Calculate” button.

You now know a 75′ tall prototype tree is 10.345″ in HO scale!

U.S. & Metric This calculator also functions as a U.S. to Metric, and Metric to U.S. conversion calculator. I hope you use and enjoy the Raildig Scratchbuilder’s Calculator.

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Raildig Scratchbuilders Calculator