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Build A Diorama In Z Scale | Step By Step

| February 11, 2020 More

Build A Diorama In Z Scale | Step By Step

Here’s a great project for getting away from the TV for a few nights, build a Z scale model train diorama! All the techniques and materials used here will of course work for any diorama. At the center of this build is our use of OrthoTape plaster cloth.

This is a great alternative to some of the hobby plaster cloths currently on the market. A project like this is perfect for those new to the hobby or for the more experienced modeler looking for a cool way to display some trains and to try some new scenery techniques.

I really like projects like this as it gets your hands dirty and you get to see a finished piece in a relatively short period of time. Plus of course, you then have a nice display piece once you’re finished!

And here’s a brief follow-up video where we do a little dressing up of the fascia and add a background piece to this scene!

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