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Paasche H Airbrush Parts

| December 14, 2013 0 Comments More

Paasche H PartsWhat I like in particular about the Paasche H airbrush is its ease of use and as important, the ease of cleaning an external mix airbrush. This brush is about as simple as they come but it’s long been considered something of a workhorse in hobby painting.

When using a Paasche H airbrush, you really have one decision; do you want to spay thin, medium or heavy fluids? Paasche makes three sets of assemblies for each fluid viscosity named respectively: H-1, H-3 and H-5. In each set of these assemblies there are three individual parts: aircap, tip and needle. Each of these parts is marked with a corresponding number of lines for easy identification: H-1 for thin fluid (1 line), H-3 for medium fluids (3 lines) and H-5 for heavier fluids (5 lines).

The new kit I bought through Amazon however had a slightly different setup for their aircaps and color adjusting parts than I’m used to from Paasche, some of the pieces have the etched lines in them and some don’t. Initially I thought I had some sort of knock-off Paasche set but a call directly to Paasche assured me, this is the new way they mark, and utilize, their parts.

SizeAir CapTipNeedle
H-1No etched line1 etched lineNo etched line
H-3No etched line3 etched linesNo etched line
H-55 etched lines5 etched lines5 etched lines

The aircaps and needles for the H-1 and H-3 have been combined in to a single set with none of the etched identification lines. The H-5 aircap, tip and needle still have the etched lines. In practice what this means is, if you paint with the H-1 or H-3 setups, you use the same needle and aircap and just change the tip. If you paint with H-5 you change out all pieces, the aircap, the tip and the needle. In addition, on this new hybrid H-1 – H-3 needle, a knurled base has been added.

The Paasche rep told me that the difference using separate needles and aircaps in H-1 and H-3 was negligible, so they’ve combined these in to one. Seems strange to me as they’ve done it the other way for years, I don’t know what would have changed to make them develop this hybrid combination.

When I called a couple of airbrush suppliers they said they still sell the older replacement aircaps, tips and needles with all the etched lines and were not familiar with this new system, even though Paasche told me this new system has been in place for years. The older cap, tip and needle assemblies came packaged in small, clear round plastic tubes fitted with red plastic caps. This was a great way to both protect the parts and keep them organized according to their size. Paasche have now gone to small disposable plastic bags for these parts in their kits.

I haven’t actually used this new H-1, H-3 hybrid setup to test it out but I’m sure it’ll be fine. I found it a slightly odd change for Paasche to make after years of their established aircap, tip and needle configurations. Having said this, I do find the Paasche H airbrush my go-to airbrush for working quickly and cleanly.

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