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Stripping And Repainting | Rokuhan Shorty Locomotive

| January 11, 2020 More

5:28 6:30 / 7:54 Stripping And Repainting A Z Scale Rokuhan Shorty Locomotive Shell

I had a little free time last weekend and a couple of Z scale Rokuhan Shorty locomotive shells kicking around, what else was I going to do but try my hand at stripping and repainting them? This is both a sad (well, not too sad really) and happy tale about my first attempt at this kind of repainting work.

At around $9.00 per shell, this is actually a pretty good and cost effective gamble with the upside being I come out of it with a cool new Rokuhan Shorty shell in a color not available from the manufacturer. Also, I get to learn what not to use to strip loco shells in the future!

I also got to do a little shell modification on this Shorty that was inspired by another YouTuber, this and other related links are in the video description over on our YouTube channel.

If you’re into Z scale, this is a cool project to play with for a small investment. Have fun!

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