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Using A Purple Coin Cell Holder For A Model Train LED

| January 2, 2020 More

Purple Coin Cell Holders

In our last video project we used several of the purple, LilyPad style 3V battery holders with a built in on/off switch. I like these so much for small projects I thought I’d make a video talking about them a bit more. These really are idea for spots when you don’t want to get involved with more complex wiring but you still want some LED flavor.

These holders were originally designed to be used in textile projects where the holder can be sewn right into the fabric using conductive thread. Even the mounting holes are actually called “sew tabs”, though with a little hunting we found metric screws that are an ideal substitute when mounting these holders on solid material.

As most hobby white LEDs are 3V 20mA, a typical 3V 220mAh coin cell can be used without a resistor and last for up to 11 hours. Your mileage may vary of course depending on the battery brand, but we’ve found this to be a pretty accurate estimate.

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