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| May 20, 2012 0 Comments More

One of the features we had on the previous incarnation of Ztrains.com was a weekly Coffee Break section. We’d feature new products, ideas, techniques… really anything even remotely related to Z scale model trains. Since we now have our shiny new site (Ok, it’s been live now for over a year!), I thought I’d bring back the Coffee Break. I wanted this new version to be more casual, very informal and sort of a pure blog.

Pretty much everyday now we’re doing model train work and I thought a blog would be useful tool for me, keeping me honest when I want to watch a ball game on TV instead of working. With the summer months coming up and my NY Mets playing pretty well, I know baseball will win the attention battle once in awhile :)

Since model railroaders tend to (though not exclusively) do model train work by themselves, I also thought I’d use this space as an online journal by highlighting what we doing here at Ztrains. In addition the Coffee Break will make for a good place to point out some news bits here and there in the Z world. Not complete in-depth articles, just lightweight news and links of Z scale interest. Yes, there will also be shameless self-promotion regarding some of our new stores, products and websites as well :)

From a couple of paragraphs to a full page, we’ll be writing often and I’d like to invite you to stop back, have a read and of course, please feel free to comment or join in on any of our topics. Looking forward to a great summer here at Ztrains, and looking forward to talking with our friends about all things Z scale!

John Cubbin

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