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Mea Maxima Z Scale Culpa

| May 22, 2012 0 Comments More

Too much stuff, never enough time… sort of. Over the past couple of months it’s been been like going back to school for me, lots of new websites being built which means lots of cracking books, or PDFs, and learning how to make them all work.

Several different open source software packages and their related plugins, add-ons, etc., etc. Even now there are additional web site projects underway so it’s once again time for me to rely on my lined notepads for organizing my daily time and chores.

With all this new Z scale web work, I have to admit I’ve fallen behind in my actual Z scale model railroading work! Strange how that happens. A day leads to a week leads to a couple of months and BAM, you’re running crazy-late. With Z scale web work, Z scale business work or Z scale modeling… it’s important to have a plan. I wouldn’t want to treat my modeling like “work” though and run the risk of losing the fun of the scale. Still, it’s probably a good idea to have a rough outline of what I want to get done, and when.

I think in some ways this is another reason I’ve begun this blog section of Ztrains, sort of a way to keep myself honest by writing about new ideas, new projects, new Z stuff in general. As always here at Ztrains, our readers are great about letting us know what they want to see and read about. Please… feel free to join in and comment right on these pages.

On a Z scale layout note: Here’s a link to the newest update on John Bartolotto’s Long Island Railroad Layout.

John’s adding some great detail and layers of urban history in these photos. I LOVE work like this as the detail and care are so clear. Great work John, scenes like yours are what can get more folks excited about Z scale!

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