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Waterfront Project | New Series

| February 3, 2011 0 Comments More

Beginning in April 2011 and running for 4 consecutive months (April, May, June and July), we’ll be presenting a project layout series based on the Micro-Trains Line Waterfront laser kits. In this series we’ll go from basic conceptual sketches and track plan ideas through the building of our layout base, adding land and water features to placing the Waterfront buildings and adding our final scenic touches.

It many ways this set of kits highlights some of the best aspects of Z scale today and amazingly, these kits have detail that easily rival those found in the larger scales. Just a handful of years ago this level of of detail work simply wasn’t available in Z.

With the continuing growth of our scale and the designers who have chosen Z as their scale of choice, this is just the sort of high quality kit we’ve come to expect from Z scale. In addition we’re happy to see Micro-Trains Line support and produce this cohesive set of kits for us.

In our upcoming Waterfront Project build we’ll present a broad overview of the planning and building process and see if we can’t spur some of you armchair modelers into building your own Waterfront layout!

From Ben Thielemann
Marketing Director, Micro-Trains Line

The Micro-Trains Line Z Scale Waterfront Series offers a unique industry for your home layouts. It consists of kits ranging from simple pier sections to a variety of comprehensive and finely detailed structures and accessories. Equally at home clinging from a rocky shore on a sea side layout or the tranquil waters of large inland lakes or inlets, this unique series will add the color and interest few themes can provide. Seven kits have been released to-date, with four more kits coming to complete the series. Watch next month (March, 2011) for the Waterfront Series Hotel Kit.

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