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Touch-N-Flow Solvent Applicator | Welding Styrene

| August 26, 2020 More


I’ve been using the Touch-N-Flow applicator for years instead of small brushes to apply my solvents and it’s one of my favorite tools when working with styrene. This applicator, in tandem with MEK (Methyl Ethyl Ketone) used as a solvent, makes doing even the most intricate styrene work a heck of a lot easier.

Building with styrene can sound a little daunting at first but with the right tools and some patience it can be a TON of fun! Once you begin working with styrene and seeing your own creations come to life, you’ll probably wonder why you waited so long to try this great aspect of the hobby!

In this article we also talk about several associated tools that will make this process both more fun and safer.

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