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| February 12, 2011 More


UPDATE | January 2019: We now have the Grassinator™ available for sale through Ztrack websites and through AZL and Rokuhan dealers.

The Ztrains Grassinator™ is the handheld static grass applicator that can add upright static grass to your layout and add an amazing amount of realism quickly and easily. The Grassinator™ was originally built and sold under the Ztrains name. Eventually the Ztrains name and products morphed into this current site and name, Raildig.

What’s old is new again and as a result we’ve moved our Z scale product line back under the Ztrains umbrella. On the surface you might think this name-swap looks a little confusing, and you wouldn’t be wrong! As a small company, on occasion we zig and zag but rest assured, the actual Grassinator™ we’re now selling through dealers is the same high quality piece as reviewed in the June 2017 issue of Model Railroad News, just with a new label.

Model Railroad News Grassinator Review

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