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| February 12, 2011 More


September 2016: We now have the Raildig Grassinator™  available for sale on our Raildig Store site: www.raildig.com/store

Below is an original article from back when Raildig.com was Ztrains.com. Things certainly do change!

The  Ztrains Grassinator™ is the handheld static grass applicator that can add upright static grass to your layout and add an amazing amount of realism quickly and easily. When we moved to our new site here at Ztrains.com we had to pull a lot of our articles offline in order to rework them for this new format. The Grassinator™ article was one of them.

We’ve been receiving a surprising amount of email about the Grassinator™and when it’s coming back. As many of you static grass aficionados know, the tough part about getting the Grassinator™ into your hands has been the on-again, off-again availability of the negative ion generator… the heart of the Grassinator™.

We’ve jumped through a few hoops trying to get these pieces directly from the manufacturer in China. Let’s say I have a whole new respect for US companies dealing with overseas manufacturers. That said, we are looking to get the Grassinator™ article back online and more important, we’re looking to finally have these units available for sale.

Price has always been an issue with these but we’re looking to get ours built for about half the price of similar commercial units now available. Bear with us just a bit as we’re juggling a lot of projects at the same time. Dropping standards is something we don’t do, so it may take a bit of extra time… but we feel the Grassinator™ is worth it.

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