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Our First Solder Pot For Tinning Wires

| October 18, 2020 More

Our new solder potA solder pot is one of those little tools I’ve been meaning to purchase to tin the wires we use in our Raildig products, but over time you get pretty fast with a flux pen and regular soldering iron, so I kept putting off this purchase. When we got a couple of new large orders in from the Ztrack Distributor though, I thought the time was right to get our first solder pot.

Bit of a spoiler here, I’m now kicking myself for waiting so long to buy this pot! If you only have a handful of wires to tin, this pot may be overkill for your needs. We tin a lot of wires for our products here at Raildig so this pot makes a lot of sense for us.

This solder pot is, I won’t say it’s a knock-off product, but it is widely available on Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, etc., so you can do some shopping and find these anywhere from $15.00 to $30.00. Enjoy the video!

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