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DIY Sanding Boards | 3M Super 77 XPS Foam

| August 24, 2021 More

DIY Sanding Boards

We started out with a simple DIY sanding board video and once we got to the 3M Super 77 adhesive, we had to keep going and make a little diorama out of XPS foam! I’ve been using this simple idea for a perfectly flat sanding board for years and thought I’d make a few new ones as the original had become a bit rough around the edges.

Lots of times I’ll find I just need a handful of swipes on sandpaper to perfectly square up a model kit’s walls, a plaster cast base or even bits of styrene during a build. I much prefer holding the piece I’m sanding against a solid base, rather than holding the model and also holding the sandpaper as inevitably one or both hands go off on a slight angle, and there goes my straight line.

This is an easy and inexpensive way to get a solid, reliable and flat sanding surface that doesn’t move or flex so you just have to focus on the piece you’re actually sanding.

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