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Badger Paint Mixer

| February 10, 2014 0 Comments More

Badger Paint MixerI recently ordered paint from Tamiya and some replacement accessories for my Paasche H airbrush in preparation for a couple of upcoming projects. Having never used Tamiya before I read up on it and saw on some forums, modelers stating that stirring is preferred over shaking paint when using an airbrush. Ok, I’ll bite. Normally I just manually shake the small paint bottles or use a craft stick for stirring but since I’m trying a new brand of paint, I figured I’d give it every chance to succeed and I bought a Badger electric paint mixer.

This Badger paint mixer was very inexpensive, about $9.00 plus shipping, so if it turned out to be just another useless gadget I’d only be out a few dollars. To my surprise, I have to admit, I love this thing! The Badger mixer comes in a no frills cardboard box with a strip of bubble wrap and a tiny sheet of directions, more than enough. Two AA batteries power this unit and the business end of the mixer is a metal rod with a shaped mixing disc at the end. This metal rod is a simple press-fit on to the shaft of the motor in the handle.

I tried my new mixer on a few bottles of the Tamiya paint and within seconds, the paint was beautifully mixed. That was on a basic flat paint; next, I tried a bottle that I knew would be tougher, Tamiya flat aluminum. Aluminum paint tends to noticeably separate when it sits in its bottle with the heavier bits on the bottom and the top layer a very cloudy and thick fluid. This took a bit longer to mix properly, I let the mixer go for about 30 seconds and the results were a beautifully blended aluminum with no gunk on the bottom of the jar.

One thing you have to remember when using an electric mixer, have the mixing disc in the paint before turning the mixer on unless you want some modern art on your shirt, face and work table. No, it didn’t happen to me, just saying.

I keep a plastic cup full of windshield washer fluid on my bench when I mix acrylic paint. As soon as the mixer comes out of the paint (yes, with the power off… modern art again) I lower the mixer in to the fluid, hit the power and after a few seconds it comes out of the wiper fluid clean and ready for the next mix.

For $9.00 or so, this is a ridiculous handy little gadget and one I strongly recommend.

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