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Micro-Trains Haunted Hamlet Layout

| September 19, 2016 More

Micro-Trains Haunted HamletAlmost every year for the past several years around this time, I’ve wanted to play with the Micro-Trains Haunted Hamlet building set, usually a few days or so before Halloween and by then it’s a bit late.

This year, I’m all in for the Haunted Hamlet, and over a month before Halloween get here, cool! I’ve ordered my Haunted Hamlet set from MTL, some spooky LED light fixtures online and just this morning I found the inspiration for the layout base… a picture of a rustic orange box!

Micro-Trains Haunted Hamlet

I’m going to make this a small layout, perfect for the MTL SW1500 and a couple of boxcars. To make sure this will be an easy project to follow and build, I’ll be using lots of off the shelf products that many of us already have on hand such as fall ground foam and foliage and plastic tree armatures.

This would be a great time to get someone you know interested in model trains, after all who doesn’t like Halloween? If you’re feeling in a spooky, Halloween mood, why not build this along with us online!

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