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Grinched | N Scale Christmas Layout | Part 3

| December 19, 2016 More

Grinched Model Train Layout | Part 3In the last Grinched article, we showed the buck converter adjustable power step down module that we’d be using to power the string of Christmas lights around the tree lot. In this article we’ll see how it’s going to fit in to the layout as well as some of the lights we’ll be using.

For the lampposts, I wanted something more rural feeling and less fancy than the glossy green double-armed lights we used for the Haunted Hamlet layout. Ideally, I wanted a basic wooden pole with an arm at the top holding a simple shaded lamp. As time is rarely our friend at this time of year, I looked at those fancy Haunted Hamlet lampposts and thought about modifying them to fit this layout. A couple of cuts later I have the basic shape for my rural lampposts. I’ll paint these to simulate wood and give the shades a coat silver paint and viola, rural lampposts.

We’ll also be adding light to the inside of these MTL laser cut kits and going through my LED collection, I had some 12VDC LEDs with surface mount resistors as well as some loose 3VDC Pico LEDs. As long as we do the math right, we’ll be able to make good use of both of these style LEDs and not have anything burn out as soon as we apply power!

Next, we cut into the side of the galvanized layout base to fit the 9VDC batter holder that we’ll be using to hold the PC board and buck converter that will distribute power to our lights. We also drilled a hole for the lighting DC input as well as a hole for the Snail hand held throttle input we’ll be using.

Finally, we added our positive and negative power buses to our PC board, as well as several resistors to make sure our LEDs stay happy and don’t give us any unwanted special Christmas effects (poof, smoke, etc.).

With only a few days before Christmas, we’re busy as little elves that raided the local Starbucks. Stay tuned for the next Grinched article as we really get in to our caffeinated and sugar cookie extra gear! Mmmmm, sugar cookies.

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