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Aging The MTL Kits

| May 27, 2015 More

Aging The Micro-Trains Line KitsJust a quick post tonight as it’s already 3:40 AM, seriously, how do I manage to lose a couple of hours whenever I’m working with trains and kits? Missing time aside, I thought I’d take a few photos just prior to the decal work I’ll be doing on these kits.

I’ve added the Grandt Line windows and doors that came with these kits, and I’ve kept the colors very subdued. A coat of white Tamiya primer and then some earth toned weathering powders, that’s it. As I’ll be adding decals to the buildings, I didn’t want too many colors fighting for attention in a small space.

The concrete buildings already have their aging applied; additional color will bring out the concrete texture after the decals. These buildings just had their doors and windows added so there’s not a big change here.

The MTL Military Veterinary Clinic and one of the small yard buildings, the one with the matching paint scheme, are up first and they were simply lightly scratched up with some very fine sandpaper. As the paint is just a day old, the red color came away easily. You might notice that the vet building’s red paint is scratched vertically and the small yard building has its red paint scratched horizontally, this is how the boards are scribed in to each kit is I simply followed the pre-scribed pattern.

The buff colored building… yeah, had some fun with this one. I had a couple of small windows from an older kit so I added these, also had an additional door so I thought what the heck, let’s add a door! I painted the outside edge corners on this, and the other wood buildings, rather than using the supplied wood strips for these kits. To my eye, I often prefer to do outside corner molding with paint to keep the profile low in the smaller scales.

I wanted at least one building to be seriously chewed up from the ravages of weather and aging and this buff colored building was nominated. Once you take the X-Acto to the first section of boards, there’s no going back! I may have gone too far or I may not have gone far enough, tough to tell at 3:40 AM, but I think this building will work well in the overall mix. I look to get to the roofs and decals this week, stay tuned!

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