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High Noon Diorama Wallpaper

| March 5, 2012 0 Comments More

My friend Jürg Rüedi provided this terrific photo for our new desktop wallpaper, it’s a shot on a diorama I built for Jürg several years back and he’s titled the diorama “High Noon”. With a pair of AZL locos leading the way out from a double tunnel portal into the hot sun, I think he named it right!

High Noon Wallpaper

As if we needed any more proof that model railroading is a global concern… the soils for this scene were collected in New York from a baseball diamond that gets their clay-based soil from Georgia. Some of the deeper red soils were collected from Sedona, Arizona when I visited there several years ago. Of course to top it off, this photo was taken by Jürg in Switzerland. This is one global High Noon scene!

Thanks for the photo my Friend!

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