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We’re Now Raildig.com

| September 29, 2013 0 Comments More

Raildig.comZtrains.com officially has a new name and new web address, Raildig.com. Ok, so what’s a Raildig? Well we started with Model Railroad Digest, pared that down to Model Rail Digest, then Rail Digest and in a moment of editorial clarity we arrived at Raildig.

We were going to hold off on the new name unveil but to avoid possible SEO snags with the good folks at Google, we’ve gone ahead and launched today. To make the conversion easier for our visitors, all the old Ztrains.com links will take you to the same content page, but on the new site.

We still have some housekeeping to do with the name change, such as reworking our newsletter forms, menu organization, etc., but the new site is up and cooking! As we mentioned previously, the site layout is the same for now, the big change is the new name and a spiffy new shade of green.

We’re definitely looking forward to, more than ever before, having fun with the trains! We all put so much work and effort in to our trains that the fun aspect can sometimes get a little lost. I think that’s why we went with the new spiffy green color on the site, as a gentle reminder to us to have more fun :)

John Cubbin

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