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Stree Free ZHere at Ztrains we’ve recently; last night actually, reopened our own Ztrains Store. As with many things in model railroading, schedules and deadlines are sometimes more… flexible than we plan. Personally, I lean on the old chestnut: It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish that counts. Plans and schedules are great things to have in model railroading, without them we’d all likely be armchair modelers in perpetuity.

Armchair modeling can be great and if that’s your avenue, it’s a heck of a good pastime. If you want to get something actually built though, chances of success are much better if you have a plan. I’ve previously written about planning when it comes to model railroading and I have to admit I’d be lost without good planning techniques.

A less popular aspect of plans, planning and schedules though is the (near) inevitability of falling behind. Unless you’re an absolute machine, or if you’ve really lightly populated your to-do list, at some point you’re going to fall behind in your plans. Realizing that delays are going to happen, and are actually to be expected, can take a lot of the stress out of a project and make you more effective in the end.

We’ve all seen people when they’re running late, they’re often harried and a bit scattered. When you’re working in Z scale… this isn’t such a great state to be in. Aside from making mistakes in haste, working rushed can really take the fun out of a project and ultimately out of the hobby itself.

I think when you’re running late on a project it’s actually best to slow down for a moment and regroup. If you’re frustrated or rushing through the building a new Z scale kit for example, put it aside for a bit. Take a few minutes to clean up your workspace and maybe get that dried wood glue off your fingers. Have a fresh cup of coffee (or herbal tea if you’re really stressed), take a walk outside and clear your head. The world won’t end because you take a break. Chances are good that when you do get back to your project it will be in a more relaxed frame of mind. Almost always a good thing!

The world is full of things that can cause stress, doing something we really enjoy shouldn’t be on the list. As a little reminder to relax, we’ve created a new stress free desktop wallpaper for you to download.

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