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NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves

| January 9, 2016 More

NoCry Cut Resistant GlovesLast January, almost a year ago to this day, I did a real number on my hand while using a single edge razor. Here’s a post I dashed off as a reminder to be very vigilant when working with ANY tools that can cut skin.

I find myself now planning on carving lots of DOW blue foam (a type IV extruded polystyrene foam insulation), and before I even picked up a razor I wanted to see if there was any hand protection out there I could use in the case of a razor slip.

Chain mail gloves showed up in the Google “hand, cut, protection” search list and I did consider a pair. If they’re good enough for butchers, minimizing damage from shark bits and the odd medieval battle, they might be good enough for me. After looking at the chain mail, I thought this might be too much of a bulky option and it’s then I came across fabric gloves with what’s called a level 5 cut resistance. Back to Google and I see that (no surprise) all level 5 cut resistance gloves don’t offer the same protection. Just to muddy the waters even more there are different standards for the US, Europe and Japan when it comes to cut resistance gloves.

Without really wanting to become a consulting expert in cut proof gloves, I relied on Amazon user ratings (feel free to mock this decision) and bought a pair of NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves. They actually feel like a pair of regular cotton gloves. I haven’t tested them yet with an accidental razor slip but they did get very good reviews on Amazon.

These are called cut resistant, not cut proof, so I still need to have a healthy respect for the razors, but at least this is a starting point for added hand protection. Even if a blade does slip, I’d much rather have the edge of a blade poke me than open up another cut like last year. Ideally, I won’t slip at all.

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