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| June 14, 2013 0 Comments More

Showcase MiniaturesI recently wrote about a very cool new pick-up truck in Z scale from Showcase Miniatures. Here it is just a short time later and I felt compelled to again highlight this company. I got a few more of their vehicles this week, I popped their “F” Type Day Delivery Tractor out of its bag and shot some photos straight away, I didn’t even prime these first!

I’m just so excited by what Showcase Miniatures is doing right now in Z scale that I want to share their work with all Z scalers, and support their future efforts in Z. For years in Z scale, we’ve wanted more and more detail from our trains and accessories and the big companies like MTL and AZL are doing a great job of raising the bar. For me though the scale is more than just the trains, it’s about the detail work, the accessories. If the accessories fall short visually, it detracts from the scenes I try to build.

I’m confident I’ll be using Showcase Miniatures pieces in my scenes and in close-up photos. The truck I’ve photographed here for example, after paint and weathering this can absolutely stand up to the same kind of scrutiny we now give to our locomotives and rolling stock.

More than just a single truck release, I really admire the way these folks work the details. The first photo here for example is the underside of the truck. Bearing in mind this truck can fit on the surface of a penny, I’m blown away!

I have another couple of their trucks to photograph and build, I’m especially looking forward to their MOW truck and after having a quick look at those kits, I’m anxious to get to it.

This is just the kind of company we need in Z scale, and I’m happy we have them.

Showcase Miniatures Web Site

One important note: When you open the bags these trucks come in, be careful as it’s easy to lose a small piece such as an exhaust. Ask me how I know!

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