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Model Railroad Narrow Vertical Spaces

| August 28, 2017 More

Model Trains Narrow Vertical SpacesI tend to build small dioramas and layouts, and I find scene edges (as well as cuts through the scenery) are always a little tricky. Usually we don’t have tons of free space to always make nice gentle hills or rock cuts so we need to get a little creative. For this article I wanted to try two different techniques for getting some height: a basic rock wall cut from foam and also a rock / hill combination piece.

For our test scenes here in N scale, I’ve cut 2 pieces of 1” pink foam, 4-1/2” x 9-1/4”. For our vertical surface we used 3 pieces of the same 1” foam, cut 1-1/4” wide. These narrow strips were joined to the base with building adhesive, and also tacked together with toothpicks to add a bit of additional strength.

I used a basic box cutter to form the rocks on one scene. I could have used lots of small hydrocal rock pieces jig-sawed together but I enjoy the rock carving process, plus the carving practice is always good. A side note, after a razor accident a couple of years ago doing this exact same style of foam rock carving, I now ALWAYS wear a cut resistant glove on the hand holding the foam in case of a razor slip… and the razor always seems to slip at least a few times during the carving process!

On the other scene I used a Stanley Surform rasp to round off my foam. At this point I wasn’t quite sure of the exact look I wanted for this scene, but I knew there would be rounded edges. As I looked at my rounded foam wall, I thought I’d try to use a cast rock section and position it so it had a slight overhang and then add soil and grass above the rock line to simulate a gentle hillside.

The rock carving went well (thank you cut resistant gloves!) and the single cast rock section seemed to be taking shape too. I painted both the foam rocks as well as the hydrocal cast rock with inexpensive craft paints and washes. On top of this I laid on a thin sprinkling of sifted soil to cover the pink foam. To finish off I used our Ztrains Grassinator to add 6.5mm static grass to the scenes as well as some ground clump foliage and a few bits of flowers for color.

I’d call this a successful vertical test in a 3” tall by 1-1/4” wide scene. The rock / hill overhang I think came out well and sort of tricks the eye in to thinking there’s more depth than there actually is, plus the rock / grass combination visually breaks things up nicely. It’s a challenge working in tight spaces when you want to build up, hopefully these two examples can give you some ideas for fun verticals on your layout.

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