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Micron Art | AZL Add-On Details

| October 26, 2012 0 Comments More

Micron ArtMicron Art has announced they will be producing replacement handrails for the AZL GP38-2 diesel locomotives in etched stainless steel, as well as many super detailing elements.

These details will be a welcome addition to the modestly priced AZL locomotives and knowing Micron Art’s commitment to both Z scale and to high quality, I’m sure they’ll find their way on to many of these new locos.

Release date and pricing have not yet been set.

From Reynard Wellman of Micron Art:


I am carefully redesigning them to fit this new AZL diesel GP38-2 and I am using more sophisticated ideas and techniques not found in my previous version. Bend kerfs at the appropriate positions are now part of the design. This should result in a much easier fitting and installation.

The handrails are now closer to the actual scale thickness of piping of 2″ to 2.5″ of the real handrails. The broader vertical stanchions now more closely resemble those seen in the scale drawings in Model Railroader’s “Cyclopedia-Volume 2, Diesel Locomotives”.

The “Super Details” are as follows:

  • Grill-work inserts for the fans with better definition, 3 pieces.
  • Grab-irons are being added to the kit, they also use the bend-kerf technique for easier installation. That’s going to be a lot of holes to drill, so a paper template will be provided, 14 to 18 pieces.
  • Coupler lift-bars are being added. This detail might seem esoteric but is actually quite a charming looking detail. In addition, they are installed high enough as not to interfere with the coupler/bogie clearance space. They will also be an easy installation, 2 pieces.
  • Window Visors, port & starboard windows, optional for locomotive road names that have them, 2 pieces.
  • We will not supply cow catchers, MU hoses, or snowplows because all those items would definitely interfere with the locomotive’s performance.
Micron Art

Note: The GP38-2 above is shown with the stock AZL handrails, these are not representative of the upcoming Micron Art handrails which will be in stainless steel.

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