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Lights, Benchwork, Action!

| August 9, 2012 0 Comments More

Lights, Benchwork, Action!I just got back from the world of eBay shopping this afternoon; on today’s shopping list was lighting. Not for a layout or diorama, well not exactly. Many of the pieces I build are small, even the custom desktop layouts I’ve built and sold are only about 16” square with a hand laid oval of MTL flex track. Something this size can be photographed on a desktop with good lighting.

The Waterfront Project though is bigger, 12” deep by 48” long. I realized I needed a bigger lighting system for the larger pieces I’m now building. I decided to buy a 3-piece, softbox lighting system. From Wikipedia: “A “softbox” is an enclosure around bulbs comprising reflective side and back walls and a diffusing material at the front of the light.” By employing diffused lighting, I hope to create more realistic shadows and simulate natural lighting.

The overall volume of the lighting, as well as the diffused quality, should be a big help as well. We all know cameras love light and with these boxes producing 2700 watts of the stuff, I’m thinking my Waterfront Project photos will be the first beneficiary of this softbox set purchase.

Lights, Benchwork, Action!

In addition, I’ve also been in touch with a new benchwork company to build a base for this layout. I have a number of woodworking tools here at my shop but I’d never be mistaken for a bona fide wood worker. With the amount of time and effort that’s going in to this layout, I personally think it would be penny wise and pound foolish not to incorporate professional elements in to this scene.

The benchwork should be arriving in a day or two and the cost, including shipping, is just $60. This is for a base built to my custom size and using cabinet grade birch plywood rather than pine lumber. This birch construction should prevent the base from twisting or bowing over time. We’ll be talking more about this benchwork company very soon!

I’m excited for the FedEx driver to deliver my new lighting and benchwork and even more excited to begin laying out the Waterfront Project and sharing the new (and well lit!) photos.

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