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Glyn Valley Tramway

| September 12, 2013 0 Comments More

Glyn Valley TramwayIn our last article, I mentioned we’d be looking in to other flavors of model railroading here at Ztrains and we showed a short video of a British Nn3 layout by Mark Fielder. We also used a photo of an Nn3 locomotive in that article produced by PECO, A British model rail company.

I’ve known of these PECO models for some time having seen photos of them over the years on various Nn3 sites. I suppose a healthy dose of watching BBC railway specials finally got me interested enough to look closer.

One thing led to another and I contacted Steve Haynes, Sales Manager at PECO regarding their Nn3 loco kits. Here’s the skinny on these Nn3 kits from Steve:

Our activity in both Z scale and Nn3 is very limited. The Nn3 (N-6.5 as we describe it) models are very low-key. The loco body kits were designed many years ago to fit an appropriate Marklin Miniclub 0-6-0 chassis, which we do not supply, and the two wagon/car kits are supplied without wheels or couplings. All of the models were introduced in the 1980s.

The Tram Locomotive is loosely based on the UK Glyn Valley Tramway. The 0-6-0 saddle tank loco is a generic narrow gauge model. The two wagons/cars are loosely based on the Lynton and Barnstaple Railway.

Glyn Valley Tramway In Wales

Glyn Valley Tramway In Wales

Glyn Valley Tram | PECO Model

Glyn Valley Tram | PECO Model

Not being at all familiar with UK narrow gauge railways, I figure any place is a good place to start. I looked in to that UK Glyn Valley Tramway Steve mentioned. It turns out to be a very short, just about 8 miles, narrow gauge railway that ran in Wales through the Ceiriog Valley connecting Chirk with Glyn Ceiriog and served granite and slate mines as well as providing passenger service. As a bonus, it’s in a very picturesque area and as an additional bonus; it looks like there’s a preservation group trying to bring some of this line back to life.

Glyn Valley Tram

Glyn Valley Tram

Since the Glyn Valley Tramway looks like an interesting piece of narrow gauge history and PECO makes the tram shell based on the original loco, I’m going to be building the PECO kit as well as a small layout. I don’t have any specifics of the track plan yet, though I’ll likely use Rokuhan track with the 55mm turnouts. With the PECO kits now on their way to me here in New York, I’m excited to get me feet wet in this new area of model railroading.

Above is a live Google map to give you an idea of this line. Fortunately, the Glyn Valley Tramway has many links and groups in the UK so there’s a good amount of online information to be had. Just a small slice of rail history that promises some great scenes to model.

Glyn Valley Tramway Links:

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