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| February 16, 2013 0 Comments More

It’s been a busy start to 2013 here at Ztrains.com, working on our own projects and websites as well as work for both Ztrack Magazine’s and American Z Line’s websites. It’s good to be busy but more important for Z scale; it’s good to see so much activity from these companies. All this activity means continuing growth in Z scale.

An upcoming project from Ztrack Magazine will have some crossover right here at Ztrains.com. Rob Kluz of Ztrack Magazine has written an article on a small stretch of rail in Germany that will feature a track plan and some cool ways to replicate this in Z scale utilizing webcam and Google Earth images. We’ll be providing extra material to go along with this article right here at Ztrains. Rob and I have been talking for some time about doing more online projects together, it makes lots of sense to join forces to bring new Z scale ideas and projects to light.

It’s a work in progress but it also looks like some of the Ztrains articles and project presentations will be evolving in the near future. Frankly, with all the Z web projects in place I’m finding myself in a regular state of being short on time. It’s great that things in Z scale are busy and just as important we need to keep Ztrains.com evolving.

I have a shrink-wrapped, brand new Macintosh computer sitting here just waiting for me to plunk down $1500 in design software and begin working on some new projects. Very excited about this as one of the ideas I’m working on is producing a series of online Z scale PDFs, eBooks, etc. In addition we’ve got new projects and products planned for the JCubbin.com store right now on our workbench. It’s that time crunch thing again; I just have to work harder!

Last thing for today is this blog. In the past I’ve had the habit of trying to make even simple blog posts in to full-blown Z articles. By the time I’m done with revisions and graphics, it’s two days later and I’m behind schedule again. I’ve decided to make this blog section of Ztrains.com much more casual, discussions instead of articles. I hope you’ll enjoy this and as important, jump in with your comments and opinions.

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