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Diesel Service Kit From Micron Art

| February 27, 2013 0 Comments More

There are of lots of reasons I like Z scale of course: the quality of the trains, the 1:220 size itself and not to be overlooked are the Z scale manufacturers and their constant desire to push the details. Here’s a great example of a manufacturer really putting their backs in to an upcoming release, it’s the Micron Art service structure for diesel locomotives.

Micron Art Diesel Service Facility

I don’t have the names of all the specific parts in this structure yet but the overall impression you get from this kit, even unpainted, is just stunning. This is where precise metal photo etching shines. The piping, the ladders, raised work platforms and the sand tanks, it’s just amazing to think this is Z scale. It’s not a stretch to say this kit looks like it could rival what’s available in the larger scales. Just a few short years ago, you wouldn’t have thought that possible in Z scale unless it was a one-off custom piece.

I have to admit it’s easy being a cheerleader for Z scale when you see manufacturers putting this much effort in to their work. It’s also a great reason to support the manufacturers who support us! Kudos to Micron Art for tackling this project.

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