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A Little Halloween Ambiance

A Little Halloween Ambiance

Just a little bit of Halloween ambiance for our visitors… almost 3 hours of fun sound effects for October 31st, enjoy! Play while you’re handing out candy or better yet, while your working on you’re layout and remember… if you’re not having fun, you’re probably not doing it right :) Happy Halloween everyone!

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Dave Meek | On30 Thunder Mesa Mining Co.

Dave Meek | On30 Thunder Mesa Mining Co.

During a recent YouTube poking around session, I came across a model railroad video that just made me smile. Not that I wasn’t impressed with the On30 scenery (I was), and not that I didn’t appreciate the quality of the video production (I did), but the video just made me happy enough to watch it […]

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Walter Vail |  Showcase Miniatures Nn3 Shay

Walter Vail | Showcase Miniatures Nn3 Shay

To model railroaders not familiar with narrow gauge modeling, can you give us a little background on the prototype of your Class B Shay locomotive kit? Actually, there is not one individual prototype for this Shay. These locomotives varied within their class according to many needs of the individual owners. Many prototypical engine designs went […]

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