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N Scale Pizza Layout Base

| March 15, 2015 0 Comments More

Pizza Layout BaseAfter weighing the size options for our pizza layout, the decision was helped along by a Google search for “round, galvanized tray”. As this is going to be something of an industrial scene, I thought a galvanized metal base would be a nice compliment to the scene above. I came across this 18” wide galvanized tray for a modest $20.00 on Amazon.com, Sold!

This means of course that we’ll be using the Kato 7” radius Compact Unitrack, a choice I was leaning towards anyway. The circle of the 7” radius track actually measures about 15-1/4” when measured across the circle to the outer portions of the plastic roadbed. This gives us approximately 1-1/4” open space all the way around from the roadbed to the edge of our tin base. I say approximately because as it’s a rustic tin tray, that 18” diameter varies a bit.

When I ordered the tray, I didn’t know its depth and as it turned out it is 1-3/4” deep. This is a great depth as it allowed me to cut a pair of round discs from both 1” and 3/4” pieces of foam insulation board and bring the layout ground level flush to the top of the tin. A bead of Loctite brand PL Premium adhesive was used to laminate the two discs together.

There’s a little wiggle room between this foam disc-sandwich and the inside edge of the tin, I did this to insure I’d have just a bit of space to inject this same Loctite adhesive around the edge when it’s time to install the layout in to the base. On small layouts like this, I prefer to build on the foam and outside of the frame or base. This insures I don’t accidentally damage the base during the layout’s construction.

It’s about at this point that I find it easier, just, to visualize what I’ll be adding and what I can do with a scene like this. Yes, it’s a small scene but I really do like this kind of challenge!

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