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Micro Layouts In Model Railroading

| March 26, 2014 0 Comments More

Micro-LayoutI had the idea of talking about micro layouts in this post. I find it interesting that these small model train layouts can be so polarizing; you either love them or think they’re what’s wrong with model railroading. I have to admit, maybe naively, but I’ve never understood this divide in the model rail community. I think I’m going to leave this debate for another day because as I was looking over at YouTube for some micro layout videos, I ran across a layout that just made me happy to watch.

Discussing the pros and cons of micro layouts, large layouts, modular layouts, etc., is fine and may have its place. More important for me than layout classification are the scenes, and this layout absolutely kills!

I read where this particular layout, called “9 Mile”, is 4’ x 8’ but many of the scenes in this video could be on a larger layout or on a micro layout. If this layout was a micro layout or a room sized layout, would it matter, would you like them any less? After watching and enjoying this video, maybe I’ll permanently shelve the idea of pursuing the micro layout debate and defense and just enjoy and pursue great modeling.

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