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It’s Finally Summer!

| June 8, 2014 0 Comments More

It's Finally Summer!Summer seems to be the de facto time for model railroaders to find other things to do with their free time, mainly getting out in the sunshine and fresh air. Here in the Northeast, we had a particularly cold winter and a chilly spring but it looks like summer may finally be here. The temperature broke 80 degrees today, the Mets lost again and the grill was freed from its canvas winter jacket. Yep, this is summer.

While I will definitely be taking advantage of the weather, there’s also lots to do on the model rail front this summer. So far, I’ve jumped in to things by upgrading some of our non-model rail gear: new Mac computer, software, a pair of new monitors, color calibration tools and maybe a new camera by mid-summer. However, as I mentioned, not model railroad gear per se, these tools will help us in producing better quality images and eventually video for our site.

This summer is about more than new gear (and the Mets losing again) though, we have several new Raildig Guest interviews coming up here in June. We’ll be talking with Chris Lane of Carstens Publications about things narrow gauge as well as Joel Bragdon of Bragdon Enterprises about his second to none rock molds and Geodesic Foam products. We also have a talk set up with Micro-Trains Line and their upcoming N scale SW1500 locomotive.

While I hope you take advantage of the warm, sunny weather that’s in front of you remember you can always bring at least one kit or boxcar out on the patio to build or weather, just keep the ice tea flowing!

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